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Time for some optimism about the climate crisis by Richard Douthwaite with David Knight

Mar 01, 2013 Comments Off

Sunrise on Fields

First we discuss the interlinked problems of climate change, peak fossil fuels and the credit crunch and then grounds for some optimism, including means of adjusting energy and commodity markets to start to address these ills, and other measures to deal with non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.

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Chapter 7: Cap and Share – managing the share on a global level by Caroline Whyte

Feb 07, 2013 Comments Off


Note: an updated version of this article, from June 2016, can be read here: http://www.capglobalcarbon.org/2016/06/05/tackling-climate-poverty-and-inequality-together-managing-the-share-in-capglobalcarbon-on-a-global-level/ There are two key questions that arise when one considers the practicalities of distributing the share in Cap and Share – or any other per-capita-based share of a common resource – globally: whether it would be physically possible to distribute […]

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Panel: Biochar by James Bruges

Jan 22, 2013 6 Comments


One hope for biochar is for increased global food production while permanently enhancing soil. The other hope is that it could help the struggle against climate change.

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Chapter 6: Cap and Share in India by James Bruges

Nov 19, 2012 Comments Off


Should the funds from Cap and Share be distributed equally to individuals or are there better ways of using them? Indians are even more in need of financial help than those suffering from austerity programmes in the west, but I give reasons why it would be better to distribute to community organisations in India. I will start with some comments on climate and also cover related economic issues.

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Chapter 5: Institutional and Legal Structures by John Jopling

Oct 16, 2012 Comments Off


Given the number and nature of the global problems facing humanity today, not least climate change, I believe that human kind’s most crucial need now is to have the capacity to “operate effectively at the world level”. This therefore is the subject of this chapter. My starting point is that we do not at present have this capacity. I want to suggest how we might acquire it.

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Chapter 4: Policy Packages by Nick Bardsley

Sep 24, 2012 Comments Off


A viable mechanism to reduce fossil fuel CO2 emissions, such as Cap and Share, is a necessary part of any coherent action plan to avoid catastrophic climate change, and end fossil fuel dependence. There are many other aspects to the global economic and ecological crisis, though, which have to be dealt with through complementary and synergistic measures. Any element of a coherent package including Cap and Share could, on its own, be counterproductive. This chapter explores some of the main issues that need to be addressed in tandem with capping fossil fuel CO2.

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Chapter 3: Cap & Share in Pictures by Laurence Matthews

Aug 21, 2012 Comments Off

Figure 10

This chapter illustrates some features of Cap & Share (C&S) and its variants. Pictures (each worth a thousand words, after all) can be useful for understanding C&S and for explaining it to others. Cap & Share (C&S) is a way of limiting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from burning fossil fuels [1]. It could operate […]

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Chapter 2: The Climate and the Commons by Justin Kenrick

Jul 30, 2012 1 Comment

Back Camera

Justin Kenrick

This chapter aims to highlight the continued existence of the ‘Commons’, a viable alternative to the socio-economic system which is driving climate change. It explores strategies for supporting and restoring the commons at the local, national and global levels.

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Chapter 1: What do we do about Climate Change? by Brian Davey

Jul 06, 2012 1 Comment


After Copenhagen it was by no means obvious that simply calling upon governments to act would achieve very much. Yet the situation is urgent – so what do we do? The aim of this chapter is to look at options for getting from where we are now to adequate climate mitigation. It starts by looking […]

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Preface: Brian Davey

Jun 11, 2012 Comments Off


Dealing with a ‘wicked problem’ in a time of uncertainty – a diversity of responses to climate mitigation – united by a concern for effectiveness and equity.

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